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At NY Wedding Officiants, our job is to connect our subscribers with their leads and potential clients. Our service is free of cost, we do not charge a single penny to any of our subscribers. If you are a wedding officiant in Manhattan, Staten Island or Brooklyn, we connect you with the couples searching for wedding officiants in these cities.

There are quite a lot of wedding officiants in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and we have the best of them subscribed to us. When couples come to us seeking to professional wedding officiants, we connect them with those officiants, so they can have a thorough communication in between personally. We never participate in the direct communication between subscribers and their clients.

Wedding professionals subscribe to our services for receiving information about their clients, i.e. couples and referrals. Be it a wedding ceremony, anniversary or any other auspicious event we always offer our high-quality services to connect them with their best clients.

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